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Behaviour & Rewards

Introducing FAB—Fussy And Bothered!

Our children at OPA are extremely familiar with FAB! They are making every effort to be FAB and it is wonderful to see them encouraging each other and even the adults in school on how to be FAB!

Being FAB is central to our vision of high expectations, standards and outcomes at Oxley Park Academy.

FAB is short for Fussy And Bothered! We want every adult and child to be FAB about absolutely everything that they do.

We have FAB expectations in our classrooms, in our lesson planning,  in children’s books and in our standards set for learning and behaviour.

Ways for children to be FAB include:

  • Tucking shirts in: to show children are ready to learn we expect all shirts to be tucked in. During play time it is not expected but once the whistle blows or the bell rings shirts must be tucked in to switch their mind-set from play to learning.
  • Workbooks: We want to see FAB being applied in all children’s books. From using a ruler, neat handwriting, super punctuation through to sticking in learning resource sheets and overall presentation.
  • Urgency to learn: This means maximising every minute for learning. We all need to be FAB about the time it takes to get in from playtime, walk to and from the hall, tidy up, sharpen our pencil and anything that could lead us to wasting quality learning time.
  • Following our Academy Values - The 6Cs: This is key to the whole experience at school being a happy one for all. The Behaviour Policy and 6Cs explicitly focus on the values we expect at OPA. If everyone is FAB in this area our academy will continue to be a very happy one! 


5 Stages and Our 3 Bears 

We follow a visual Behaviour Policy at Oxley Park called The 5 Stages.  It is a positive strategy that promotes everyone being on Stage 1. 

On Stage 1 you are FAB (Fussy and Bothered) and following our academy values; the 6Cs. When you are on Stage 1 you can access all the rewards we have such as stickers, FAB certificates and Merits. We understand that sometimes you might forget this and may slip off Stage 1.  We are all human and sometimes we have blips. 

Stage 2-5 help you to re-focus so you can get back to Stage 1. 

Stage 2 is a Warning Card.  This is a visual ‘heads up’ to say, ooops you have slipped, come on 5 minutes with the card and get yourself back to Stage 1.  Once this happens, the card goes back away and you are back on Stage 1.   

If the behaviour continues, the adult may decide to go to Stage 3 where ‘Time Out’, away from the distraction, is necessary.  This may be within their own classroom or in another class.  During ‘Time Out’ the child will be expected to continue their learning and once this is complete, hopefully they will show they are ready to go back to Stage 1. 

Stage 4 is our Focus Cards.  These are designed for children who do struggle to stay on Stage 1 and need more guidance on a daily basis.  They also form a picture of behaviours over a week so we can pin-point problem times and see what can be done to help and support.   There are three levels of Focus Card - Green supported by the class teacher, Orange supported by Head of Year and Red supported by Senior Leadership.   If your child was on Stage 4 you would always be notified.   

Stage 5 would involve clear targets and a daily communication book between school and home. 


3 Bears

For our younger children in Nursery, Foundation and Year 1, we have adapted 5 Stages to 3 Stages and we use the character of a Happy Bear.

On Stage 1 Happy Bear all children are FAB and following our academy values keeping our bear happy and smiling.  

Sometimes children may need a reminder and slip to Stage 2 Grizzly Bear. This is a chance for them to get back to making the bear happy.

If the behaviour continues, the adult may decide to go to Stage 3 Grumpy Bear where ‘Time Out’, away from the distraction is necessary. This may be within their own classroom or in another class.  During ‘Time Out’ the child will be expected to continue their learning and once this is complete, hopefully they will show they are ready to go back to Stage 1. 

All of these have one key aim and that is to help keep children on Stage 1 so learning can thrive in our academy for every child in every class.


Merits and how they can be earned:

Merits are special rewards that support our 5 Stages behaviour policy and children are all aware that they can only earn themselves a merit if they are on Stage 1 of our behaviour stages, ensuring they are following all of our academy values and being FAB U LOUS!

We have Bronze, Silver and Gold Merits that can be earned in a variety of ways:

  • Read Every Day Challenge! Reading 5 x in one week. This MUST be recorded in the Reading diary and signed by an adult every week. Diaries will be checked on a Monday and merits will be awarded to those who have read 5 or more times.
  • Home Learning Projects. This is separate to the weekly homework we set. Please check the Year Group newsletters for project based home learning.
  • Spellings. If children in Year 1 & 2 learn how to spell all of the Common Exception Words or children in Key Stage 2 score well in their spelling tests merits can be rewarded.
  • Sustained rapid recall of times tables. Children should let their teacher know when they think they are ready for one of their Times Tables challenges!
  • Scorching Hot Writes! If phenomenal progress has been made from Cold Write to Hot Write in their English Chapters and children have met all their writing targets.
  • Academy Ambassadors. If children represent the school in sports competitions or arts performances outside of school.
  • 100% attendance for each half term.
  • Staying on Happy Bear for the whole week or Stage 1 for the whole half term and demonstrating our academy values every single day.
  • Consistent display of FAB!


All children start on Bronze and they have 25 opportunities to fill up their card by doing all of the things mentioned above. Once children have earned 25 Bronze merits they get to celebrate by popping to see Miss Keane or Mrs Draper who will take them to the ‘Merit Shop’ to choose a FAB U LOUS prize. Next they move on to a Silver Merit Card and then finally Gold.