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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Overview of the Early Years curriculum   

Our Foundation Stage consists of both Nursery and Reception, with Nursery being Foundation Stage 1 and Reception being Foundation Stage 2.


Following the changes to the Early Years framework in September 2021, we have a flexible curriculum that suits the needs of our children and community.  The Reception children learn through an engaging and exciting curriculum that has a balanced approach using continuous provision and adult-led activities. We use the Development Matters framework to support our own professional knowledge of child development, and we plan cross-curricular activities that allow children to develop the skills they need to be successful learners. We follow the White Rose Maths Mastery programme to support practical mathematics in Reception. Our activities have a strong focus on developing communication and language skills, one of the prime areas of learning in Early Years. Our flexible cross-curricular approach allows children to develop their skills across all the prime and specific areas of learning for the early learning goals, which will prepare them for their learning journey into Key Stage 1 and beyond.  


Early Learning Goals 


Prime Areas 

  • Communication and Language  
  • Physical Development  
  • Personal Social and Emotional Development 


Specific Areas 

  • Literacy 
  • Mathematics 
  • Understanding the World  
  • Expressive Arts and Design 


Focus on Early Reading 

We prioritise early reading and phonics here at Oxley Park Academy and, as such, start learning phonics early in the first half term. We follow the Little Wandle 'Letters and Sounds' Revised scheme. The pace is quick and engaging and is designed to excite children and give them a thirst for sounds and the ‘power’ of reading. Whilst we teach the children sounds and reading, parents/carers still play a vital role. It is important that children have plenty of practise reading at home in order to become fluent, confident readers. The reading books sent home each week are matched to the phonic sounds they have been taught in school and are fully decodable. If children are to become lifelong readers, it is essential that they are also encouraged to read for pleasure, and as such we ask you to share a range of stories that they enjoy. The desire of wanting to read will help with developing the skill of reading. The goal is enjoyment of reading for life. 


Reception Baseline 

The Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) is a statutory assessment from September 2021 onwards. It provides a snapshot of where pupils are when they arrive at school. It will provide a starting point to measure the progress schools make with their pupils between reception and the end of primary school. This assessment is done alongside our own in-school assessments which allow us to identify each child’s starting point and devise activities that are targeted to develop each child in accordance to their needs.   



Sharing with home and school through Tapestry 

Along with our other social media platforms, Tapestry is our dedicated communication platform for Reception children. It is here that we share messages, news, pictures and comments of the activities that are happening in school, and it offers you a direct window into the life of your child. In addition to us sharing with you, we encourage you to share home learning experiences on Tapestry, as you too can upload pictures and comments to share with the class teachers, who love seeing what the children get up to at home.  


Our Learning Environment   

We pride ourselves at Oxley Park Academy with providing children with a rich variety of activities and other experiences in a stimulating and challenging environment of continuous provision, that involves a safe, secure, healthy and stimulating environment where there is adequate supervision.  By ensuring this, we nurture opportunities to investigate and satisfy their curiosity, to explore the environment inside and outside the classroom, to extend their sense of wonder and for them to experience success with a positive attitude towards learning. 


Children are given appropriate periods of time for learning through sustained involvement in child-initiated and adult-directed challenges and interactions with sensitive and understanding adults to support the needs of individuals.   It is important that children feel secure in their relationships with adults and that they know that the adults are there to support them and will treat them and sensitively participate in their learning.


Our Foundation Stage 1 - Our Nursery provision has an exciting and innovative learning environment designed around a village theme, 'a little world for little people'.  Please check out our Nursery Village pages to experience this wonderful environment.


Our Foundation Stage 2 - Our Reception provision is bright, engaging and an exciting space for children to discover and inspire their start of their learning journey.  Set out in exciting zones, children get to visit throughout the day everyday.


Reception Zones


Our place to gather together on the carpet.  Story time, phonics and our adult-led sessions all take place in this zone.


Our place to get creative - paint, crayons, pencils and craft!


Our place for learning everything about numbers!


Our place for learning to write our letters!


Our place for learning to read, enjoy our books and share with our friends and adults!


Our place to get technical, use our iPads, lightboxes and BeeBops!


Our place to build!  Using a wide range of resources we can use our imagination to create!


Our place where mess is not a problem - sand, water, mud, paint and glitter are just a few of the exciting things we can use!


Our place to let our imaginations run wild - creating, role play and small play!


Our place to literally chill out!  A place to listen to a story book, music or just sit quietly for time out!


We look forward to welcoming you to our Oxley Park Academy family.  

Remember little people, dream big here at Oxley Park Academy and are always FAB!

Reading and Phonics at Oxley Park Academy

Dear Families, please watch our video to help you understand our strategy on teaching Early Reading and Phonics.


  • Pupils simply love their school! Ofsted 2022
  • My children enjoy attending each day. They find the work challenging and interesting. They really like the teaching staff and feel supported and have grown in confidence.
  • Working at Oxley is so special and unique. Everyone is so kind, well-being is at the forefront and our community are a delight. I love my job! (Teacher)
  • The school missions and values make my son want to be a part of the Academy and try his best. I feel proud that my sons are at Oxley Park and the Nursery and I feel that the changes being made are really positive!
  • The children are oozing with so much more ‘zest’ since the start of this year, which makes us as parents happier and excited about their future at OPA.
  • My children love the school! My eldest was quiet, didn’t want to learn, didn’t enjoy school. Now he is settled, has friends and has started to show improvements. My daughter loves her teachers and is extremely enthusiastic.