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Two Sites | One Heart | One Mission | One School


Executive Principal's Welcome

Our Executive Principal - Mr Noel Springett-McHugh 



Oxley Park Academy is a special place, and provides a wonderful environment for children to learn.  I lead the vision and strategic direction for the academy across both sites - the Oxley Park campus and the Shenley Wood campus.  2018 witnessed an exciting new chapter for our academy, with a second campus to cater for our growth, a major investment across both sites, a complete re-decoration of our original site which opened in 2005 and lots of new faces joining the team.  As a team, we have created a safe, inspirational and exciting learning experience for every child, built around our values - The 6C's: Courageous, Courteous, Co-Operative, Conscientious, Caring and Curious.  These form the core of everything we do and we refer to them every day.


Our children are proud to be 'Oxley Parkers' and they wear their uniforms with pride.  We talk about being ready to learn, and our attitudes, our presentation and our urgency to learn all represent this.  You will witness this in every room you enter and through every corridor you walk.  Our children are wonderful - so polite, so smart and so positive in their learning.


Core learning is the foundation to our curriculum and we place a high emphasis on this.  Being confident in reading, writing and using numbers opens so many doors and gives your child access to the wider opportunities in learning.  No matter what ability your child is working at, we ensure they have the right resources, the right level of challenge and the right support in order to develop an absolute love of learning.


Being inspired, excited and having a real sense of curiosity, we believe, is also key to children loving school and wanting to learn new things.  It is for these reasons you will enter a very different 'style of school' when you enter Oxley Park Academy!  At our Oxley Park campus, you will walk down streets instead of corridors.  In these streets, you will see children learning independently and loving the space around them.  At our Shenley Wood campus, airy glass and open quads await, along with gorgeous views across the city of our green fields and trees in the distance.  


Our curriculum is exciting and engaging.  Each term, we open a new 'Doorway' for all the children.  Within this doorway, the different year groups take an exciting pathway leading them through history or maybe a geographical exploration.  Whatever the pathway, it will also promote both our academy and British values.  The doorway theme always starts with a 'Dazzling Debut' and ends with a 'FAB Finale', all created to inspire and engage our children.


Our parents are very supportive, keen to help their children at home and ensure that the children are ready to learn at school.  Here at Oxley, we see this partnership as vital in ensuring that every child can be the very best that they can be.  


If you are a new parent in the area, a possible Trustee or someone who would like to come and join Team Oxley in any number of roles, we hope you get a feel of our academy through this website.  However, the best way to really get that feeling about Oxley is to come and visit!  Please do get in touch and I will look forward to meeting you.


Mr Springett-McHugh

Executive Principal

Welcome to Oxley Park Academy

An insight to life at Oxley Park Academy


  • Pupils simply love their school! Ofsted 2022
  • My children enjoy attending each day. They find the work challenging and interesting. They really like the teaching staff and feel supported and have grown in confidence.
  • Working at Oxley is so special and unique. Everyone is so kind, well-being is at the forefront and our community are a delight. I love my job! (Teacher)
  • The school missions and values make my son want to be a part of the Academy and try his best. I feel proud that my sons are at Oxley Park and the Nursery and I feel that the changes being made are really positive!
  • The children are oozing with so much more ‘zest’ since the start of this year, which makes us as parents happier and excited about their future at OPA.
  • My children love the school! My eldest was quiet, didn’t want to learn, didn’t enjoy school. Now he is settled, has friends and has started to show improvements. My daughter loves her teachers and is extremely enthusiastic.