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Our Playgrounds and Playtimes

We value playtime as a vital part of the school day!  We all need rest, breaks and time for ourselves to socialise.  Children more so, need this time to play, interact with their friends and get fresh air and simply have fun!  We are so lucky with our substantial grounds where there is space for all types of play.  We are keen to make sure opportunities for all types of play are accessible for all children.  We have introduced the concept of OPAL play which allows children to develop their imagination, creativity and active play.  For further details on this please check out their website:  


We are very excited as this concept develops over the coming year.   We have many outdoor areas in our 'Theme Park'-style playgrounds!  


Take a look at the video below to see our children enjoying our outdoor areas.

Here at OPA we value our learning and learning environment.  Our Oxley Parkers have created a Play Charter to follow when we are outside playing!





The Maze Zone - run through the pathways, discover new places, create your own world and get excited with all your friends.





Craft Zone - Time to let those creative juices flow!   Create amazing pictures, relax with some mindfulness colouring or make something exciting in origami!




Theatre Zone - FAB-u-lous Darling!   Time to tread the boards, shine like a star - drama, dance or song whatever your talents showcase them in the Theatre Zone!





Beach Zone.  Summer all year round at Oxley!  We may be in the centre of the country but everyone can visit the sandy beach every day!   (coming soon!)




Water Zone.  You can always have fun when water is involved!  Using tubes, hose pipes and buckets; everything you need to have a wet and wild playtime!




Adventure Zone.  It is time to get active!  Swing, climb, balance and jump come and discover the trim trails and adventure zone!




Pit Stop.  Tyres, tyres, tyres!  Roll in them, build them into towers, jump in and out of them, whatever you want, you have so many tyres at the Pit Stop!






Road Zone.  Get on your bike! (or scooter) its time to go riding and have fun with your friends and remembering the green cross code!  Our playground road networks are the safest roads in Britain!



Construction Zone.  Time to build!  Using everything and anything- we have it in the Construction Zone!  Guttering, pipes, milk crates and boxes are just some of the things you can use to get creative and build great creations!





Home Zone.  Time to chill!  It has been a hard day, time to read a book, take some shade or just watch the world go by around you.  You can do this in our Home Zone!



Den Zone.  Who doesn't love building a den?  Well, we have everything you need in the Den Zone!  Time to get going and build the best den ever for you and your friends to hide out in!




Gym Zone.  It's time to get fit!  Get on the stepper, the runner or the cross trainer and have a good gym session each day!   Don't stop going to the gym when you are an adult - the perfect habit to stay active and healthy!




Disco Zone.  Let's party!  Time to get those dancing shoes on and dance your playtime away!  Show those moves to the latest tunes and have the best party ever with your friends.




Green pitch.  The place for ball games!  Play the traditional football game or create your own - if it includes a ball, this is the zone for you!  At our Oxley Park campus we have the artificial green pitch and at our Shenley Wood campus we have the large open natural field.



Red pitch.  A wicked wide open space on our Oxley Park campus.  The best place for a relay race or a sprint on the fab running track.  A game of netball or basketball or a great open space for a game of tag or your own creation!




Wacky Woods.  Outdoor learning at it's best!  The place for Forest Schools, science lessons or even a bit of gardening!  Wacky Woods at our Oxley Park campus is the place to be and discover the natural world!


Merry Meadows.  Just like the Wacky Woods, the Merry Meadows is home to outdoor learning at our Shenley Wood campus.   Go on a mini-beast hunt, sit round the camp fire for songs and stories or visit the bug hotel.  Get back to nature in the Merry Meadows!


  • Pupils simply love their school! Ofsted 2022
  • My children enjoy attending each day. They find the work challenging and interesting. They really like the teaching staff and feel supported and have grown in confidence.
  • Working at Oxley is so special and unique. Everyone is so kind, well-being is at the forefront and our community are a delight. I love my job! (Teacher)
  • The school missions and values make my son want to be a part of the Academy and try his best. I feel proud that my sons are at Oxley Park and the Nursery and I feel that the changes being made are really positive!
  • The children are oozing with so much more ‘zest’ since the start of this year, which makes us as parents happier and excited about their future at OPA.
  • My children love the school! My eldest was quiet, didn’t want to learn, didn’t enjoy school. Now he is settled, has friends and has started to show improvements. My daughter loves her teachers and is extremely enthusiastic.