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Mr Bolton and Miss Persaud, our Maths Leads, welcome you...


Welcome to the OPA Maths Page. Here you will find information about Maths at OPA including our subject pathway; detailing the content taught in each year group and the progression of Maths throughout a child’s time at OPA.  We follow the White Rose programme of study.




What is maths?



Maths is the study of numbers, shapes and patterns.



In school we have 9 key concepts in maths  As Mathematicians we learn to:


· To know and use numbers- by understanding the value of each digit in a number.

· To add and subtract - by using a range of methods to add and subtract numbers.

· To multiply and divide - by using a range of methods to multiply and divide numbers.

· To use fractions - by understanding the concept of part and whole.

· To understand the properties of shapes - by recognising the names and properties of geometric shapes and angles.

· To describe position, direction and movement - by recognising various types of mathematical movements.

· To use measures - by becoming familiar with a range of measures, devices used for measurements and calculations.

· To use statistics - by interpreting, manipulating and presenting data in various ways.

· To use algebra -  by recognising mathematical properties and relationships using symbolic representations.


At Oxley Park Academy, our intent for mathematics is to teach a rich, broad and structured curriculum to enable our students to love maths. In order to do this we follow a rigorous scheme of work that details how mathematical concepts should be taught and the order in which to teach them. We believe that unlocking mathematical fluency is an essential life skill and is needed for children to be able to reason and solve problems mathematically. The understanding of mathematical content and concepts is vital and we ensure this through the use of concrete resources and pictorial representations before introducing the children to abstract mathematical symbols. We provide children with the opportunity to gain the foundation skills to become able mathematicians that prepare them for Key Stage 1. The progressiveness of our teaching means that the content taught in Key Stage 1 provides the building blocks for the new content taught in Key Stage 2. In turn, the teaching in Key Stage 2 provides the next steps for learning when our children move into Key Stage 3.





  • Pupils simply love their school! Ofsted 2022
  • My children enjoy attending each day. They find the work challenging and interesting. They really like the teaching staff and feel supported and have grown in confidence.
  • Working at Oxley is so special and unique. Everyone is so kind, well-being is at the forefront and our community are a delight. I love my job! (Teacher)
  • The school missions and values make my son want to be a part of the Academy and try his best. I feel proud that my sons are at Oxley Park and the Nursery and I feel that the changes being made are really positive!
  • The children are oozing with so much more ‘zest’ since the start of this year, which makes us as parents happier and excited about their future at OPA.
  • My children love the school! My eldest was quiet, didn’t want to learn, didn’t enjoy school. Now he is settled, has friends and has started to show improvements. My daughter loves her teachers and is extremely enthusiastic.