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Little people dream BIG!

Getting Started in Our Nursery Village


Building up to the BIG Day!

We have a really successful process for when you secure your place at the Nursery Village.  We want to make sure all your questions and queries are answered, that we have all the necessary information around your child, and that your child most importantly, has a chance to build up to their independent start on their Big Day.   Please see below how this works:

  • ‘Getting to know each other’ parent and teacher meeting in the Nursery Village to meet the staff and go through everything you need to know
  • ‘stay and play session’ for yourself and your child within the Nursery Village setting 
  • Two-hour ‘settling in sessions’ for your child to attend
  • 'The BIG Day!' - the very first official day of your child's time in nursery


If any of the above needs adapting for you or your child, we will always do our best to make sure it works for you.


Our Nursery Village Uniform

We want everyone to feel they belong and be proud of their village. Having our uniform although unique to the village but still similar to the wider school our children immediately know their new 'village family'. 


Our Nursery villagers use their time to explore and dream and this can mean they can get a little messy! Our lovely uniform allows your little villager to be independent both indoors and outdoors.   


Everyone (including our staff) is proud to show off their uniform.  Everyone loves seeing our little villagers around the school and all the big kids are so kind and caring to them!  We can all easily spot them in their trendy and unique village uniform!


Our village uniform includes a teal polo shirt, claret sweatshirt, and black joggers.  If you wish you can also buy a cool blue rucksack and jacket all proudly displaying our village logo.  Please contact Maisies Uniform specialist in Wolverton Home - Maisies Schoolwear ( on 01908 313313 to order yours now!  Plain dark shoes or trainers are also needed.


Our uniform is compulsory, however, you can purchase plain black joggers and claret jumpers if you so wish.


Please do purchase in good time and please do label everything with your child’s name!  Thank you


Drop-off and Pick-Up Times and Arrangements

Drop-off time is...

  • 8.30am for all villagers having a morning or all day session.   
  • 12.15pm  for afternoon session.


Pick-Up time for Morning Session is:

  • 11.30am


Pick-up time for Afternoon and All Day Session is:

  • 3.15pm


We really do ask that you be prompt at these times.  It really impacts on our adults and village activities when children arrive late or are picked up late. 


Before and After Nursery Extended Care

We are able to offer extended care for our Nursery Village children in our Ziggy before and after-school club.  Premier Education runs this provision and is Ofsted validated for Early Years care.   This provision runs from our Shenley Wood campus where our Nursery Village is situated.


The provision times:


7.30am to 8.30am - Breakfast session.   Children can be dropped off at any time during this period.


3.00pm to 6.00pm - After nursery session.  Children can be picked-up at any time during this period.


Please contact our Shenley Wood Academy Admin centre to find our more information and book your place.



All children are able to access fresh drinking water throughout the session. There will also be an opportunity for your child to have a fruit or vegetable snack whilst at Nursery. This is encouraged as part of our  commitment to being a healthy Nursery. A variety of fruits and vegetables are provided at no charge to parents.


Lunchtime in the Bistro

For the little villagers who stay all day they can use the small hall, eating together with their peers and enjoying the Bistro for lunch, which supports their transition when they start school. They are looked after by the caring Bistro Lunch Team.


If your child is staying for lunch club in our Nursery Village they are so lucky! They will get to eat in our Academy Bistro with their fellow villagers. They can bring a packed lunch from home, or have a delicious hot or cold meal that can be pre booked through the School Gateway app (contact the Academy Admin Centre for further instructions on this). Our lunches are available at a price of £2.55, and there is a further charge of £2.55 for the lunch club which is invoiced termly. Please do recognise this cost is not included in the 30 hour provision and is in addition.  


Sharing with families - Tapestry

An excellent partnership with families is promoted by the use of our online Learning Journal system, Tapestry, where you will receive observations of your child's learning on a regular basis and an insight into the things they have experienced in the Nursery environment. You can also post observations of your child's experiences from home, achievements in other pursuits such as; swimming, gymnastics, conquering milestones like riding their bikes. This evidence of your own child's journey and holistic development is vital for them to reach their potential. 


The Nursery Village staff love seeing the villagers' different adventures away from the Village and helps them to support your child's next steps in their progress.  We want the very best start for your little ones through the Dream stage of our school.